Teams developer license error Direct Routing

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I signed the E5 developer license to test Direct routing, but when I try to place a call I get the following error "With your calling license, you can only call people within your organization.
", with this license is it possible to use Direct Routing in Teams?

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With Office365 E5 licenses you should have Teams Voice licenses as a feature. Double check and make sure you have that license feature enabled. Also validate you have Enterprise Voice Enabled.

Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity username | select EnterpriseVoice,HostedVoicemail
Set-CSUser -Identity username -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true -HostedVoicemail $true
Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity username | select EnterpriseVoice,HostedVoicemail



You mention Direct Routing so that means using your Session Border Controller, your SIP Trunk and of course setting up the connection for that.
Have you done that?

If you don't have that setup or don't want that, then you can use the Microsoft infrastructure to make\receive your calls.
In that case, you will have you Phone System license + a Microsoft Calling Plan (if applicable to your country).
That means you get your telephone numbers from Microsoft and all calls route through them.
Only the Phone System license is included in your E5 developer license.