Teams - Delete an Event that has already occurred - Stop ongoing Chat

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He we had a Team Meeting and invited a mix of internal/external people


occasionally we still get people writing in the events Chat which notifies everyone.


Is there a way to stop this?


I have looked at the organizer's permissions/options they don't appear to have the ability to delete or remove members from the past event.

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You cannot "centrally" stop it, but each user can mute the meeting chat thread to stop receiving notifications.

Hi, for your information an update for access to meeting chats is coming

As for now the organizer should be able to kick them out manually from the chat as described here

There is no policy available today to prevent access to chat after the meeting has ended. You can turn off the ability to chat though but that isn’t applicable here. One could think that manually endning the meeting and make everyone wait in the lobby (cannot re-enter) would work but there’s still access to chat.