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I can open teams and be fine, but when my computer connects to the call it crashes, any where from immediately to 30 minutes in. It always says i'm "On hold" before crashing and it freezes all movement on my pc screen and gives me a DPC Watchdog Violation. This hasn't happened with any other of my PC applications, But it's happening 24/7 with teams.

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Hi @JaydenGR ,


There seems to be article after article when performing an online search for that error. I appreciate that whilst it is more prevalent in Teams, which suggests that if it is a driver issue I would be gunning for Audio and Web Cam devices, it is not a common Teams issue for sure.

I found this article but use caution when searching as some of the links didn't seem very reputable and were laden with Adverts:


The other way to go would be to make use of the dump or mini dump file that should have been created as part of the crash and either have the horrible time of trying to figure it out yourself or pass onto Microsoft via a support case.

But to reiterate the biggest cause for Blue Screens in my experience is a Hardware/Drive issue.

So you could if nothing else start disabling some devices in device manager and see if Teams holds, whilst I appreciate depending on what you disable might limit what you can do.