Teams Chat Error - "Administrator has disabled chats for this user",

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I am getting this message when attempting to start an individual chat in Teams - "Administrator has disabled chats for this user". I am set in Island mode as well. Is there some other setting I am not seeing?



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Hi @Scott Bittinger

Private chats can be disabled in the messaging policy of the Teams Admin Centre - it would have been set by the administrator

I would contact them to allow it or switch you to a policy which allows it

Hope that answers your question

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for the response. Actually, I am the global admin have actually flagged Chats to enabled. I got the Chats icon to appear, but still cannot actually chat with anyone due to this error "Administrator has disabled chats for this user", and I am not sure what is blocking it now that I have enabled individual chats. Let me know if you have any other ideas or settings I can check.



Hmm, messaging policies can take up to 24 hours to come into effect - periodically, every few hours, log out and log back in again. It can be a bit of a frustrating period, but that is the propagation time. In most cases it's 2-4 hours

Barring that I would recommend, if there is no reason to be in Islands, to move your org out of Islands

This will help the general experience too. If you can't move to Teams Only all at once, then set the org to Skype only then phase users over to Teams only

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Yes, thanks. I will wait it out and see what happens. Appreciate the feedback.

@Scott Bittinger  I am seeing this too.  The same set up but it is intermittent - I can send messages sometimes and sometimes it displays that message.


@David Hamilton 


At my school (I am global admin) we get this error message just for some users. I have no idea why. 

Having this very issue right now with my 7th graders. Disabled chat for 7th & 8th. Re-enabled. Only 8th (a class of 4 vs. 14 for 7th) can chat and the message shows in the chat box for me with any 7th grader. The policies between 7th & 8th are an exact match. I'm going to try asserting the change via PowerShell and see if that makes the difference. They say the change should be immediate with that method. It has been a number of days since I made the change via the UI.


@Scott Bittinger 


Did the re-enabling work out?


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard no... re-enabling did not work for me :(   It someone seems to be correcting itself but it has taken days and there are still some we get the message on. I have sent logs to Microsoft and waiting to hear back.



I am in a Team chat that out of nowhere during our meeting myself and a few others were disabled from writing in the chat. We can verbally speak and see everything written, but not comment or reply. The administrator says she did not change anything for this to happen. How can we fix it?

@Christopher Hoard 


I am also afflicted by this issue. It appears that Microsoft have an unidentified issue with the Teams platform at this time.

@StevenJeffries Has there been any progress with this issue? Our school board is having the same problem. 

@William Rivet - Yes. I managed to resolve the issue on my end by editing the messaging policies and validating that users were assigned to the messaging policies. By the way, there's another bug in the display of users (they aren't displayed) assigned to messaging policies. Once that was complete I had to wait 24 hours before the Teams servers replicated the changes. Microsoft really needs to fix the replication timeframes, but that's another story.

Lastly, the users MUST sign out of Teams. They cannot minimize, close the app, or anything else. They actually have to completely sign out of the Teams app and/or web interface. Teams appears to be super buggy right now.

Hope this helps you!

Hello, i'm getting the same issue as well, i can't chat on MS Teams

I think i'm set on Island Mode.

I am a student who using Microsoft Teams for remote learning. How can i remind my friends that a meeting is taking place when i can't chat?


Please fix this.

@Scott Bittinger We are having this same issue. Some days it works, some days we get the "Administrator had disabled chat for this user". We are a hybrid environment. Policies are all set correctly. As others are saying, it is intermittent. 

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I actually opened a support ticket with Microsoft. They claimed to run some scripts which did fix our issue even though the tech rep couldn't really be sure if the scripts did resolve the issue. Regardless, our issue was solved. Good luck to everyone else in the same boat.

My school is having the same issue. Sometimes the same user can use chat through their android device and through iOS device but on the windows desktop it has the "Administrator has disabled chat" message. Then the next day tye same user can use windows desktop but cant use android! This is starting to cause major headaches. Anyone got any ideas? Ta.
I would report that to Microsoft so that can take a closer look at your Tenant. Our issue was very limited and intermittent, however it did clear up about a week or so after I had reported it. They claim it was just taking a long time to sync due to the amount of people all of the sudden hammering Teams.

@steve_macphail Open a ticket with Microsoft. Problem was solved within 24 hours. Ensure users having issues sign out of teams to apply the potential fix. It may or may not work for you but at least you have gotten the attention of MS and they are obligated to deal with it. My recent support experiences with MS have all been fantastic with issues solved each time. Call back has been quick with many follow up calls to ensure things are as they should be.