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Using Microsoft Teams Version (32-bit).

Window 7 32 Bit


Have set up Flow for certain email when received will send email to Specific Channel email (Channel -> ... -> Get email address)

This is all working great. Specific Email is an "Incident has been assigned to your Queue" and I am sending email to Channel for a sound and banner notification for the Team.


Although there are certain times when you do not get a banner and sound notification when email comes into channel. This is an issue if you are relying on a sound or banner notification and there is no consistency of notifications as below you will see there certain scenarios when if does not work.


- Not working - no notification banner or sound or red number in Task bar

1. If you have focus in the channel (i guess acceptable, but maybe at least red number in taskbar)

2. If you have focus on the channel and put teams behind another window(ie focus on another application) - this is a major issue for our situation.

3. If you send the email from your account (no notification for you but everyone else gets a notification if below working scenarios are met - I guess acceptable as you are the sender and should know about it)


- Working - get banner and sound notification

1. If you have focus anywhere in teams other than specific Channel

2. If you have focus on channel and you minimise Teams (can notifications for channels please work like chat notifications, no matter if it is minimised or in background you get notifications?)


Also ability to change the sound notification would be great?

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Great use of Teams! Microsoft is currently reviewing a lot to do with notifications currently, as shown in the following uservoice:

This includes customising sounds

And persistent notifications

I think all the things you need are listed on uservoice and being reviewed. I would check through these uservoices and vote on them which will notify you when the status changes. In the meantime I would advise to open any new UV’s for anything not covered above.

A caveat is that whilst Microsoft do use uservoice for many improvements some may be rejected or take significant time. Others may have workarounds but it sounds like you can accommodate this for the short run until they are introduced natively. All the things you are asking for are common hence why Microsoft is already reviewing them.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


i would like to turn off notification few mins through Available API's or Any custom code. whether is this possible or not?

kindly share your thoughts

Hi Aravind,

AFAIK notifications are set through the client. In terms of controlling the client notifications settings I am not sure these are controllable through API, I would raise it here

But I believe you can use API for app notifications, see

Hope that helps,

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for your support. but im looking to turn off toast notification in MS-teams through any API or any custom Code. hope you clear on what i trying to get.






Thanks for clarifying. AFAIK this can't be done currently and there is a uservoice open for this here to be able to turn off toast (by any means, not just API):


Would recommend you vote on it which will keep you informed of status updates.


Best, Chris