Teams Channel not visible


I am a member of a teams team with about 18 users. I'm able to see and participate in every channel in that team except for one channel. Neither desktop client nor mobile client can see it.


When I am given a link to the channel I'm able to go on my mobile client, but my desktop client says "we cannot find that channel due to connectivity issues." I am able to participate in the channel through the mobile client as long as I go through a link provided, but I am unable to see the channel in neither the mobile nor the desktop client without a link.


Additionally, when I go to "manage team", the channel is also missing from the channels list. 


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling teams on both devices. Any guidance would be wonderful!


Thank you!

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Hi @Steven_Lee 


Steven for the specific Team where you are unable to access the Channel can you see if any other owner from the Microsoft Teams can remove you from the Channel and re-add you to the same?


This seems to be the user issue while addition of the users in the channel.


With Regards,

Satish U


We similar issue since March 27th where some channel are not visible inside a team. We know they are still existing since other people can see them.

Some people were able to see the channel on their phone but not on the computer but it failed later on both devices.

I have tried to find some answers but you are the first post I see about this.

If someone know how to fix this, please let me know.