Teams Channel Meetings Graph API


Is there any Graph API to get all channel meetings in a Teams team? Currently I'm using adhoc methods to identify them using multiple graph API queries and collating the result but would like to know if there is a simple graph call to get this

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@csnaraincurrently no graph api exists where one can retrieve information around meetings in a channel. I guess you want to get statistical information per team and per channel, rigtht ?# of meetings , duration of  meetings.


Can you share details what method you use at the moment (you've mentioned an adhoc method)?




@Stefan Fried The method I use currently is a bit quirky and not sure if it will break in future, but nevertheless let me explain


1. I make a call to graph "group/{id}/events" and get the joinURL property for each one of the events

2. I then extract the channel id from the joinURL property if it exists

3. Next, I call graph again to list all channels and filter it with the channel id and then get the respective channel's display names


interesting approach :) but with this you can catch only the "scheduled" calls and not the ad-hoc (meet now) ones....right ?





@Stefan Fried- yes, it works only with scheduled events and not online meetings.