Teams Channel - Email Message Size Limit

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What is the message size limit when emailing into a Teams Channel? Users are getting bounced backs when emailing a channel with attachment around 15MB. Is it possible to increase the size limit?

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It's not changable, and I can't find anything official stating the limit. It would seem reasonable for it to be around 15Mb. This isn't meant to be a primary way of getting documents into a channel
Thanks for the reply Steven. Our Users often forward emails from an external user into a channel to spark a conversation or as part of the conversation and there are times when it contains a site plan or construction drawings over 15MB. It would be nice to be able to change the size limit.
You can, create a flow that monitors a mailbox for new items trigger, then take that message and attachment and send a new message to a Teams channel. Pretty sure that limit for flow is fairly high.

You could set that flow up in half an hour just to test it, then make it create the message in a better format once you get it going to test the attachment size will work for you.