Teams Calling User Management


Looking for ideas here:

For you folks that are doing Teams Calling, how are you enabling and disabling voice for your users?

I'm not talking about which PowerShell script to use. I'd like to know how you are managing them?


vendor software?

An automatic process triggered by HR?

or by hand each and every time?

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While you wait for others to chime in about what they are doing in their own environments, I wanted to post a doc on calling policies which might help others who are new to Teams calling: And how to assign policies:

@Louis Hubert 

The company that I work for built its own management portal for managing users that are part of either our direct routing service or their own. This simplified DID assignment/voice enablement so that PowerShell was not needed. This still requires manual intervention for each user like PowerShell. I am not aware of any automatic methods but it could most definitely be scripted and be automated by an HR onboarding process