Teams Calendar vs Outlook Calendar, and what about Email


I'm interested in knowledge and opinions about:

  • Teams Calendar vs Outlook Calendar - Will they become one?
  • Email in Teams - Is it coming?

These questions, and shades of, have been very common during our recent roll-out. I have my thoughts, but would love to know what the community, and of course the product team may have to say.


Now that they have so much in Teams, the people want MORE :lol:

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They are one already, Teams simply exposes a different "view" of the "Outlook" calendar. The experience is of course different, and many calendar-related features are missing. While Microsoft does have some plans to improve on this, I wouldnt expect them to "replace" Outlook in this regard. And the same goes for email.

One way to bring more consistency between Outlook and Teams calendar:

@RebeccaJLJ I try to use Teams as my Calendar viewer, but the missing functionality often makes it a real pain to use. For example, one feature that would make it a LOT easier to use is the ability to drag an existing appointment to a different slot, or to drag the edge of an existing appointment to reduce or increase the duration. Just this would make a big difference for me.