Teams apps - Policy is not working


Within the setup policies I pinned a couple of Apps for the general user and in the Permission policies I allowed a couple of apps, but it still shows a couple of other apps in the extended menu.



Is there any chance to get rid of them? Like Calls, Help, Who, Files, Wiki



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This is how it looks for the end user...


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Hi @Thomas_Steibl

Who you can uninstall by right clicking and uninstalling. You can also block it via an app permissions policy under third party apps.

AFAIK, no way to block or tenant config for Help. There is a uservoice open for it here

I did a blog last year on literally disabling everything but private chat ( Even though you can block files and calls here you couldn't remove the Files and Calls apps from the app bar.

There are also uservoices open here

There is a possibility here to open a uservoice to be able to control Files, Calls and the others within the app policy, or add them to org settings (I.e. help). Ultimately, it would be good to have complete control over the client and this be consistent with app policies. I am a big proponent of app policies so have voted on all of these uservoices. I will also be giving feedback at the MVP summit

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hi, is there any update to support this

We want to just enable "Calling" and disable rest of the Apps



Not currently. No plans at the current time to make a slimline version of Teams just for calling, however, if I hear anything or if anything is announced I'll post here

Best, Chris