Teams App on Android - Wiki no longer accessible in a Team

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Teams app on Android updated at weekend and since update the WiKi in my Team is no longer accessible. Just comes up with an error "This tab isn't ready to be viewed yet". WiKi is fine in full blown Teams on Windows 10 and on another team members phone with a slightly older version. I suspect the app update but would help to know if anyone else has come across this issue please & if you have, is there a fix?

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@Allan Clarkedid you find a resolution for this? We have a new team member and he has the same issue on his Android device. 

@Trublu30 - Only fix I have found is to delete Teams then put APK Pure on the device & sideload an older version of Teams. Then need to disable auto updates in the Play Store to stop it updating itself.


On a positive note I was on a Teams Insiders preview call where I raised the question of "testing & faults getting through" and someone in the team kindly reached out & took some details and said it would get passed to the relevant people. I included a link to this thread so maybe you want to put a few details of your instance too (i.e. phone/OS/Version etc.) in the hope that they see it.

This issue appears to have been resolved as all 3 phones connected to my account have all started to work properly again and the WiKi is accessible. Can only presume it was a back end issue. There was another thread on the Microsoft Community where this issue was originally reported some time ago with new instances recently. Reports too there that now working: MS Teams WIKI Links not working in Android Phone and Tablet - Microsoft Community


Can only assume it was a back end issue somewhere that has been rectified.