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I have seen this asked a few times but don't see any answers.


When someone calls me on Teams I get no option to answer the call. If I press ctrl-Shift-S, the call is answered but there is no popup.
Seems to be okay when from someone internal. But other internal users have no issues.
I’ve checked all settings I can think of but they look fine.


Any suggestions?


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Hello @kroc_kroc   I have seen other posts where similar issues like this one (click on the Best Response).


I can suggest that you reach out to the tech support team at for more personalized assistance.  Hope this helps....

@ThereseSolimeno thanks  for the reply.


I am on Windows 10 but tried the settings path mentioned, but it's not there. 

Settings/Notifications/Teams/Incoming Calls.

I don't have a Teams/Incoming Calls option.

There is a Calls option below but that doesn't look relevant at all.



@kroc_kroc Let's see if the rest of the community can offer suggestions or you can try the site.


@kroc_kroc Are there any calling policies that affect your account?  

Please see the Teams Calling policies as below

I am having this same issue with Teams on my Mac. Previously I had no issue but recently the answer pop up does not appear and I cannot answer the call. Where has this gone? Am I missing something obvious?

@JacquiH Mine is okay now but can't say why.

At the time, the only solution I had was to open Teams in the browser as well. And I could then answer the call from there. After a few months I noticed the call popup was happening in the Teams app too so I stopped using the browser.


So, really no idea why it started working. Some MS update probably fixed it.