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Microsoft launched a new Teams Advanced Communications add-on license. The license is not of general interest, Microsoft has not bundled it in Office 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5. Advanced Communication is an add-on which must be purchased individually at $12/user/month.


Does this mean that whoever need compliance recording need to pay to Microsoft $12/user/month and has to pay ISV like Nice, Verint etc. for the compliance recording software license?



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Hi @Mathlesh

That is correct. Since Call Recording API access is contained within the Advanced Communication licence whoever needs compliance recording will need to purchase the advanced comms licence on top of the third party solution. This could be in excess of $20 per user per month

The same applies to contact centre solutions. I know that the ISV's are in discussions with Microsoft about this currently. We'll see how the situation develops but at the current time no word of splitting the API access out, or making a separate sub SKU

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

When looking for the compliance requirements what different countries have, this new license will hurt companies badly. At first they need to pay for Microsoft just for using APIs, and then next euros to software vendor. Perhaps the compliance recording is not just APIs and requires more resources from Teams' site.


Strange that Microsoft has not announced that more widely, than tiny updates on their pages:

Advanced Communications add-on for Microsoft Teams 

New Microsoft Teams Advanced Communications SKUs are now available 



Yeah, I have already relayed my thoughts through several official channels. Was all over this the day they announced it. Would be an interesting conversation should you have one with Numonix, Verint or Nice.

It'll play into Zoom considering they don't charge for API access

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Perhaps Zoom does it as well, but they have covered that already by the base costs.


Let see if this is step marks for the future. You can/must choose higher and higher license costs to get your daily work done. If I do not need 20000+ Live Events, how I can get savings by unselecting that?