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Am I missing something in the Teams Admin Center? I need to be able to sort and filter my list of Teams (e.g., alpha order). I am not seeing that as an option. This is such a basic feature and I am curious as to why it is not available.

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No, currently only search and removing/add columns is available! This Teams view and even the admin portal itself is very new still and they are busy with working on it! I would guess a sorting/filter feature is coming in the near future!



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Hi @Beth Mahoney 


I have just tested - and yes, that ability isn't there. 


The Teams and Skype admin centre is relatively new and it's continually changing. There are uservoices for it open here






Hope that answers your question!


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As Adam and Chris pointed out this Teams view is very new. But since sorting is available in the other parts of the admin center (e.g. users) I would expect this is coming. May be @Jamie Stark can help us here?

Thanks. I submitted my vote in the UserVoice.

Yup.  It's absolutely our goal to provide search, sort & filter in every table in Teams admin portal as we have the ability to do so given the particular API we're calling.  Filtering is on our shortlist to implement in the "Manage Teams" page; search & sort are also on the list but at a lower priority.  Happy to take feedback though on what folks are needing here most urgently.  Finally, don't have a timeframe to share at this point but will be in the next set of work we're taking on.

Thanks for the feedback!!



@Jamie Stark I don't understand how a page without this functionality can even be considered as a minimum viable product. If I gave this to my customers, they would not be hiring me again. Without this functionality, the page is barely usable for a large organization. The endless scrolling is unusable.


This is a total failure on the part of the much touted MS dogfood testing process. The lack of basic functionality like this as well as inconsistent UI experience for common features, i.e, tabular displays of large lists or members of groups, is an ongoing pet-peeve of mine. It does not seem like there is a overall design guide for the O365 admin center teams. Each group does there own thing when they want to display a big list, i.e, see the pages that show lists of SharePoint sites, O365 groups, PowerApps, Teams, and Flows. Everyone of them works differently, yet they all attempt to do the same thing, provide a list of stuff and and the ability to work with one or more items.

Displaying lists/tables that are sortable, filterable and searchable has been a basic feature of web pages for over 20 years. It seems like the new devs are more focused on creating something cool than something that is actually useful.

BTW, the ability to add custom views and control which columns are visible, that is used in the SPO admin center is very helpful and should be used in the Teams admin center also

Thanks for the reply Dean.  First off, want to be clear that the Manage Teams capability in the admin center will continue to get updates for the foreseeable future.  Today we are catching up on the fundamentals but as new features come in Teams in this area we are working with the feature teams to ensure they're ready to have an admin experience in the portal at or slightly behind the feature availability.  

On customizing columns - that is also a feature we have in our design for _every_ table, and is one of the items we are planning for the next update here.  Essentially it will work the same as table customization in the users summary table.

On the consistent design guidance - we've absolutely heard that feedback.  It's our goal that O365 looks and operates like a coherent whole, from the main admin center through to the workloads.  I don't have anything to announce here with respect to specifics or timing but know that this is being worked across the various teams.  

Please don't hesitate to continue to hold us accountable and providing feedback here.  There's a _lot_ that we want to do the Teams admin center and will be rolling out as we line up back-end depenencies.




@Jamie Starkthanks for the quick response.

The first time I looked at the listing of Teams, I noticed that some did not have an owner, that flag was a great idea, however, i had to scroll down through over 400 to find all of them, which was not fun.

having a filter for that column will be super helpful, having a check in place to prevent a group from losing its only owner would be even better :).


Finding ownerless teams is the biggest driver for filtering right now - glad to hear that we will be able to address this for you.  


On the check for not allowing a team to go ownerless, I'll need to see where we are there on the foundation.  While that's something we can enforce in the admin center pretty easily I think there are a bunch of ways for folks to end up with ownerless teams - need to plug up all those random leaks....

@Jamie Stark Thanks for the time and attention you have given us here. Filtering based on finding all available users is our main driver.

I must be crazy, isn't there any way to sort, export or create an overview of "all public Teams" within my organisation?


Would like to create an easy overview (Privacy = public and Owner contact info) to contact the Team owners to make sure they are aware their information is "public". Allready got some "scared" users who thought they saw information (via Delve) that wasn't mentioned for their eyes, but luckily it seems to be information within public Teams.

unfortunately, we STILL have to use PowerShell to create that type of report. The slow pace of improvements to the Teams Admin center is disappointing.
I cannot believe that this functionality has yet to be incorporated. Can we please get an estimated release on the features being implemented. When you have over 100 Team Groups it makes it difficult to manage. Thanks.

hi@Dean Gross  yes...after ~8 months (start date of this discussion here)  the Teams admin center is still weak in several areas.

If you need/want  to analyze MS Teams in all different levels (including plenty of grids which gives you all informations across your landscape)  then i can help you with a solution which we offer to the market.

Ping me if you want to know more details  :)





@Jamie Stark  Any updates on this thread?  It's been over a year.  I am a teacher getting ready to start digital learning and my district has chosen Microsoft Teams. My rosters (team members) were added by our district and are in no discernible order.  I cannot reorder the names by alpha or in any way. Lots of teachers who are new to this platform will be in the same boat.  Any help is appreciated!

Well yes, if you look on uservoice then you see for how long this tiny little thingy is due. Sad but true.
But look, I can offer you a solution to your problem (and for many other issues)---just let me know and DM me and we can further talk

@ATurcott Sorry for the delay in reply here.  We do have sorting available on the in the detail page for a Team for the members & channels tables.  From Teams admin center, you can click on "Manage Teams", then select a Team.  That page opens to the "Members" table - it's not sorted by default but you can sort on any of the columns (name, role, etc.)