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I have no mechanism to assign phone numbers to my new staff any more.


The instructions here: say to go to Voice > Phone numbers, but there is not such screen in my admin center.



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I don't think this feature is generally available yet (see feedback comment at the bottom of the page). The number can be added in the legacy portal though.

@simmei The legacy portal no longer exists. I try to load it and I get redirected to Teams Admin Center.

@JM_HIT Sorry, I can't help you then. With us the access to the legacy portal still works and this is how we assign numbers at the moment. 

@simmei what URL are you using to get to the legacy portal? wondering if I can get back in there somehow

@JM_HIT  I use the link in the Teams admin center. It links to

nope. no luck.

@JM_HIT, Any luck with assigning a phone number to a user?  We're running into the same thing.  The link posted earlier ( does not recognize our credentials.

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