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My team status keep on showing me available overnight even while I am sleeping because I have installed team on phone. Occasionally I forgets to turn off the data on my phone while sleeping and people keep seeing me available overnight and keep messaging me but in real I am far from being available (actually sleeping).



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Hello @anandktripathi   There are a couple of things you can do: 1. You can set "quiet hours" (or days) within the settings so that notifications will be turned off during the times you specify.  2.  You can manually change your status to Away or Do Not Disturb, but I'd go with setting quiet hours.


Hope you sleep better tonight....


Thanks for your response.

Your suggestion is a workaround which can partially solve the problem but cant be considered solution as it involves several manual steps and still does not fulfill the requirement.


I dont understand why MS want to re-invent the whole status update thing again when it was working perfectly in Skype already.