Team-Shift issues

I’am facing issues with team-shift, and I need suggested solutions for it , if there’s any.

1- slow when create the shift schedule.

2- disorganised schedule data.

3- when move employee to other group all last month schedule records are lost.

4- shift admin and employee can’t know the group members by mobile.

5- the user can’t view entire shift schedule by mobile, only by computer.

6- can’t classify the ( shift admin , other members ) by Colors and symbols.

7- the employee can’t open request for replacement or coverage for the previous

8- The final form of the table when converted to PDF The fonts are too small.

9- When opening an Open Shift request to cover the shift, two boxes are added to the table, a box below the applicant and a box for the future, which leads to an increase in table rows and the table is on two pages.

10- Table signs can only be distinguished by colors, as we need the Bold and Underline property to distinguish overtime, training, holidays, call to work and compensation for rest on holidays.

11- Request to switch shift via mobile requires many procedures (request, approval of the future, approval of the president), which leads to delays in completing the process of switching between employees.

Kindly if some issues not have solutions write (no option)

Thank you
Best Regards,
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So these are all feature requests as far as I can make out, and on that basis you'd be best off looking on Teams User Voice to see if anyone has similar requests, and add your vote, or if not, start your own request.