Team Rooms - Accepting external invitations

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I have problems receiving direct meeting invitations from external parties on a Teams Rooms device (HP Elite Slice).   Any meeting invites from external addresses doesn't reflect on the tablet.

The external parties emails are registered as guest users on Microsoft365 admin center guest users list.

In addition, the settings for guest access in Teams are already granted. 

We don't have a tech person inhouse, so if there if a way to solve this issue via admin center that will be great.

Appreciate your help.

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Hi @Takayo4 ,


When the room mailbox was created it has an option whether to accept invites from email addresses outside your tenant, I suspect you need to change that, see Enabling External Users to Book Exchange Room Calendars (

@Steven Collier 

Thanks for this. It's looks helpful but since I'm not a tech pro is there any way to set it up from

Microsoft Teams admin center?

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@Takayo4 No, it is an exchange setting rather than Teams. I'm fairly sure that Exchange PowerShell is the only way to get to it, it's not in the admin UI. 

Thanks! I guess we'll have to wait for further progress in admin UI updates in order to resolve this.