Team missing on desktop, but available in mobile app

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Two out of nine users in a team do not see the team when logged into the web version of Teams or on the desktop client. However, these two users see the team in the iOS app. I am one of these two and am the team Owner. The other is just a member. This team has guest users.


I have tried multiple computers; all with the same problem. I can browse to the SharePoint folders / files behind this team with no issue. I do not have any trouble with the other Teams I am in.


Everything was working for the two users at 5pm on 6/28/2018. The team was first noticed missing about an hour later and the issue has not resolved itself.


Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any recommended fixes are welcome!

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I had something similar happen in the desktop app, had to completely log out and clear Teams cache. I would advise you do to the same, having the same behavior on multiple machines might be explained by roaming settings, etc. But in any case, I would also recommend opening a support case and attaching the log files from the client so that Microsoft can properly investigate and fix this.

Thanks for the input Vasil Michev. I logged out and cleared cache with no luck. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the client, ensuring the cached files were removed in the process. If others do not have recommendations, I may go the route of the support case.
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Might sound a bit simple but try removing the member and then add them again. I have noticed that this seems to fix problems with permissions in SharePoint but may also update some backend references. Probably still keep your account though for Microsoft troubleshooting

@Alan Marshall it always seems to be the simple solutions that work and I thank you for the recommendation. Both users now see the Team in both the desktop app and on web.



I had a similar issue, I just signed out and changed any uppercase letter to lowercase or vise versa in the email/username. Teams then asked for my password which it normally doesn't, after signing in all my teams are visible again. I know it sounds dumb but it worked and I tried all other solutions.