Team Meetings set in Outlook don't show up in my Microsoft Teams App

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I have the MS Teams plugin active in Outlook, as I can set up a meeting and it generates the links, and puts it in my Outlook calendar.


However, I don't see it in my Teams desktop app (or on the phone, etc...), and vice versa.


I am not using Exchange for our email, so not sure if that is the reason, but wondering if there is a workaround?  Clearly Outlook is able to pull from my Teams account and set meetings, but outside of that, nothing gets updated in the calendar where it wasn't originally made.


Any help would be appreciated!


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@jasoncohn Hello, the Teams Meeting add-in requires an Exchange mailbox. It's a lot of "behind the scenes" here when it comes to prerequisites, attaching a couple of links for reference.


Use the Microsoft Teams Meeting add-in in Outlook - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@ChristianBergstrom so unless the emails are on Exchange, there is no way for this to happen?

No, the Teams meeting Outlook add-in is dependant on an Exchange mailbox.