Team Login Broken
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My Microsoft account is That "" is used for alumni EFL. They are _not_ students. I already have a Microsoft account, Office 365 subscriptions, etc., attached to my Microsoft Account (  When I installed Teams and try top log in it does not check that I have a Microsoft account first and then it assumes I am a student and I must contact the school to get a login.  I am not a student.

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@Stephani_Smiththe subscription you have, it is your personal or the one related to if that is the case you would need them to assign Teams license to your account so you are able to use Teams.


if that is not true then you should use your account that is associated with your subscription if that is a personal subscription also you should be able to use your own domain besides the one with

@PDostiyar   That is what I am saying.  My personal email address is  This is _not_ a student account and is not an MIT account.  This is my personal account created by me.   The Teams application will not allow me to login with my personal (created by me) email account.  Microsoft account login and my Office products login have no problem letting me login with my Microsoft personal account created by me (  The Team application should use the login from the Microsoft Account.  This is a bug in Teams.


The Teams algorithm is wrong if it assumes anything "" is a student account.  That is incorrect.   You should change the algorithm to look for "" as that is the student emails.  "" are personal EFL emails that alumni may use as their personal emails and are _not_ students.  There are other cases like ""  that are for the Whitehead institute - which is not the school, etc.

@Stephani_Smith  i fully understand that but that still belongs to main domain these are the sub-domain that mostly get the policies and details from root domain that is that is why it is pointing you there, secondly, if you have access to the admin section or admin center of your account need to check and assign teams license as that also case these errors but more it is domain/subdomain issue as you are using the subdomain while the root domain is already having Teams on it that the message is referring you to.


So how do I log into Teams?  I can log into my Microsoft account, but not teams.

There is no Teams in my Microsoft account.


Teams has a bug then, if they assume that student accounts administered by the university belong to all the subdomains.  Clearly belongs to the personal accounts of alumni and are not students.  Does this mean that all non-students who use their EFL accounts under the intent they were created - to be a personal account cannot use Teams?   Perhaps I should just give up and use Zoom? 

But even that it belongs to the main domain that is because it might be property of but used by alumni so you could ask the IT staff, if you think you are paying for it why not buying another personal domain or using your personal email, since the sub-domain is still getting most of the core or main domain settings besides if you are paying for your alumni account you have the right to open a ticket to Microsoft to resolve this issue if paid by alumni then contact their support