Team Channel collaboration between departments

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We are looking at deploying Teams. 


What is the process you guys use when you have UserA who is a member of the TeamA department and wants to add UserB from TeamB department to a Channel thats going on in TeamAs Team? 


Currently when we do this, UserB is able to see the TeamA's General channel and any channels that are not created as Private channels. 


If they need to collaborate, do they need to create a new Team? (Ive got the ability for end users to create their own Teams turned off). 


Thanks in advance. 


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The only way Today is that UserB belong to both Teams or as you have suggested, create a Team so they can really depends on your use case. Remember that you also have Private Chats as a mechanism for two people to work

@Juan Carlos González Martín in addition, what a lot of people don't realize about Private Chats is that they include a Files tab and the ability to add other "custom" tabs.