Tasks by Planner and To Do: How to tag team members on tasks for awareness but not for ownership

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Hello all - I'll trying to figure out if it's possible to include team members on individual tasks in planner so that they can be aware of the progressing being made on key tasks rather than assigning them as responsible team members.


For instance, in the example attached, I would like for Rohan to be the individual responsible for the task.  However, I would like for Dave to receive updates as comments and changes are made to the task so that they can also be aware of progress.



Appreciate any insights you may have.  Thanks!

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Unfortunately that use case is not covered by Planner Today within the product. You can only assign people to a give task, but not tag possible solution could be to create a Power Automate Flow that sends notifications to people not assigned to newly create Tasks in the Planner Plan
Thanks for the response, Juan! I'll look into it some but Power Automate might not be great since I don't want the individual (Dave in this case) to get notified of every task.