Sync button on channel not working anymore

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i (and many other colleagues) experiencing a problem with the sync button within the Teams channel.

I can click on it - but nothing will happen.

- There is no special sign in the display name

- The library itself is not synced

- Newest windows updates installed

- on the sharepoint site it works


Version OneDrive is


Version Teams is 

Version Windows is



Anyone else has these problems? I did not start Fiddler yet


best regards


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I have found a colleague with an older version of teams.

It is still working there
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@StephanGee had the same problem.... if you open the lib in Sharepoint the Sync button works there.


same here Teams version (32-bit). It was last updated on 8/20/20.

windows version 1909 OS Build 18363.1016


OneDrive version 2020:  build 20.134.0705.0008

I was seeing this same thing.

Interestingly if I enable Developer tools, it works, and then if I re-disable Dev tools, it works in normal Teams again.

Try a sign out and in. It’ll clear most cache and might clear out the issue. It’s not the same as a quit / reboot so give that a whirl.

@Chris Webb 

Hi. It already got fixed for me with the developer mode.

So i will try this out with another colleague.


But i cannot do this with ~500 colleagues. It came with the newest version - so there must be an issue. I would file a support case but at the moment i do not have the resources for stuff like this.

If this issue is still there in the next version - i will create one

@Chris Webb 

We're seeing this issue as well. Tried signing out of Teams (and re-installing as well) and that seemed to help in one instance for about a day. The next day, the user was back to having the same issue.

There's gotta be something on the recent OneDrive and/or Teams app that broke the functionality to sync folders from the Teams files tab. Is this being looked at by Microsoft? is there another place where we should report this issue?



I'm seeing the same issue at my company. I don't see anything in the Admin Center about this.

@StephanGee  - thank you for reporting  / starting this conversation

I tried the other tricks that were mentioned here - did not help at all

...and one day later it suddenly works, as if nothing has ever happened. in the meantime no updates or configuration changes on my device... the only thing was "waiting 24h"


kind regards





Still not working for some of my colleagues. But there is no high volume of calls coming in ... so the ones that ask get the workaround

@D_Christophe I don't know what happened,

same version and everything and now it seems to work again.

Same issue here. Signing out and back in to clear cache doesn't enable the sync function. At least I'm apparently not alone.


We are running into this issue with some of our users now also. I agree that some of the work arounds mentioned are not a fix for end users

So in my case, the issue turned out to be trouble getting Windows Updates. My Windows Update service had been disabled and I haven't received updates in a couple of months. Fixing this and running a full update cycle fixed the issue.

@Spiffen Thanks, this worked for me.

@vgrapa I have the same issue. Do anyone know what update is needed to fix it?

@Ulf Lundqvist , nope, sorry. I got it to "work" by using this advice :

"if you open the lib in Sharepoint the Sync button works there."


In TeamsIn Teamsin Sharepointin Sharepoint

In my company we are still experimenting the problem, but I can't say how many users are involved. On my side I tried to enable and disable developer mode solving. 



This is an issue still in teams. Giving training to users today and stopped working for me, but did work for one trainee but failed for a second trainee.  I do not want to train users with a workaround to SharePoint when clearly it is designed to work in teams. 

Microsoft, is this a known bug?

Is there a fix for this or do we wait for future release?