Switching Organizations

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I have been trying to switch organizations between the team in my organization and the team where I am a guest, using test environments. I have done everything I could think of but yet cannot resolve the issue.

Here are what happened:

1. The guest invitation was sent to me and I could open the link with a web browser but not with Team client installed on my PC.

2. On the browser, I could see the list of organizations in the upper right of the page and I could see I was first in the organization where I am a guest. But when I switch to the organization where I belong, the list is gone and I could never return to the other organization.

3. As the Team client installed on my PC did not work, I tried to sign in again using a Web browser, but I could only sign in to my organization and the list of the organization never appeared again.


I have been doing this because my company needs to have meetings, share documents, etc. with my customer but under such a situation, I have to give it up.


Can anyone help me to find the solution to the problem?

Thank you.

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I would very much like to know the 'authorised' way of dealing with this problem.

I found Edge to be a culprit in assuming the identity I wish to use from prior sessions. Google Chrome and other browsers seem to allow you to sign out and then return with an alternative identity. I have also been told that incognito browser setting can support multiple identities but have yet to try that.
Thank you, Peter, for your quick reply.
I tried both with Edge and Chrome, also with InPrivate/Incognito mode but the result was the same.
So it never works with Teams client installed on my PC from the beginning?