Surface Pro Camera not working with Teams


Hi All,

In the last couple of week the camera on my Surface Pro 5 has stopped working with Teams. It was working previously. It still works with Skype for Business and the inbuilt camera, it also works for Teams web version. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Teams desktop app and also the drivers for the camera. The camera is an Intel AVStream 2500. Any ideas?

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We have the same issue with our surface Pro 4s in the last two weeks.@Suzanne Hunt 

@Manscout  I just tried again now (I installed the latest windows update from MS, I'm on the insider build) and its working again. 

@Suzanne Hunt 


Same here. Zoom f.e. and any other video client works like a charm. Only teams does not - a pitty given the fact that I am using a brand new Surface Pro 7 that apparently is not compatible with Microsoft's own product. Such an annoying shame actually