Suggestions for improvements (or why I hate using Teams)

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There's a number of issues that makes using MS Teams daily such a pain

  1. I can't just copy paste a whole message because Teams adds in additional text like the timestamp and original poster. There's never been a single instance where this feature was useful, and I've had many times where I forgot to surgically select the portions of text/code that I want to paste correctly, instead of just double click --> ctrl-c. This feature should be disabled by default.

  2. Scrolling up in anther chat platform (ie. Discord) is nearly instantaneous. Scrolling up in Teams is frustratingly slow and previous messages gets loaded chunks at a time. It's especially frustrating that Teams uses 3x as much ram as Discord. What good is all that memory if you're not even using it to cache recent messages?

  3. There's a bug where Teams wouldn't let me scroll up anymore in a chat past a certain point. I hit a 'ceiling' that I can't scroll up past, and I have to scroll down to scroll back up.

  4. There's a bug where arrow keys randomly stop working in the chat box
  5. If I search for a really old message and click 'go to message' it shows the message on its own without any context. I can't see what was before or after that message, ONLY the message itself. Is this a bug? This feature works perfectly on Slack Discord, and Mattermost. This one is especially frustrating since often times I'm searching for a message in order to get to the code snippets before or after it

  6. If I disable notifications for Teams on one computer, it also disables the notifications the other instance of teams running on another computer. Why? I'm running two different instances for a reason! Notification settings should not be synced across devices.
  7. What happened to the ok emoji?

I've petitioned the company head to make the transition to Slack instead. 

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I have been through all you put here
and all you said it's either bug or defect, which means won't better soon

as a chat&call tool, I will never use it
as a platform, I have to ask is there any better choice?

I'm frustrated but I didn't find the way out