Styling for a Sharepoint list view page embedded in a Teams tab works in browser but not desktop app

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I'm embedding a Sharepoint modern events list view page in a Teams tab, but because Msft has awkwardly mixed classic/modern ui experiences for the events list and hasn't yet got around to providing a modern version of list view pages, I can't use list view formatting to customize the rendering of the page. Because only the  classic experience is available I'm forced to use jslink to make the list view look decent. The page itself looks fine and renders correctly in the browser version of Teams. But when opened in the app, all the styling is stripped out so it's unusable.  


To reproduce:

Add a simple jslink rendering file to the list view web part in an events list.

Embed the page in a Teams tab 

Compare results between the app and browser version.


And by the way, if Msft didn't remove the "add to calendar" link when a modern events page is embedded, NONE of this would be necessary. Standard domino effect, rabbit hole development practices by our pals at Msft.

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Hi @matt howell ,


I think this is a bit of one of those where the more usual SharePoint development techniques are being used and will work better because of that when just in the browser as the browser will be able to tap into all available web technologies to help render.


However when it comes to Teams, whilst it can surface a lot that is present and correct in SharePoint. there will be some oddities. That is where you would develop something more from the Teams side or utilising alternative Microsoft Services or development platforms that are more native to Teams.

So the best thing I can suggest in this instance is to raise these concerns/suggestions via Microsoft's Teams User Voice forum. That way you can take your good suggestions and hopefully help make a difference and benefit us all :)


Microsoft Teams UserVoice





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech  Thanks for the reply - you're probably right about the limitatin of the app vs a browser. But if Msft is going to offer the option to embed SP pages in a tab, then it's their responsibility to ensure it works properly. As for user voice, I still see highly voted but unresolved ideas that are many years old so have little confidence in that platform.

Out of interest is the same true when using the website tab as opposed to SharePoint tab?



Hi @matt howell  I can tell you that the Uservoice site gets a lot of attention from the Teams engineers and they're working on hundreds of those items at any given time.  It's just that there can be so many moving parts that the status won't change for awhile, or they've updated one item that might be almost the same as five others.  Believe me, it's a very valuable site.

@HenryPhillipsNimbitech It does work fine when viewing Teams in a browser, as noted in the question topic.

Sorry you have misunderstood me. When adding a tab in Teams, you can choose website and specify the URL to the SharePoint page. As opposed to selecting a SharePoint tab and selecting a page. So not a tab in a Web browser but Teams. It might do the same but worth a shot.