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I recorded an interview over teams last night for a podcast. We both had out cameras off , but I want to just strip out the audio rather than a video so that I can upload the audio over a different video. 

Can anyone help? Thanks 

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Hi @katekensington ,


I am afraid the resulting recording is just a recording of what was recorded. For your scenario you would need something like Camtasia or Xsplit. For Xsplit Broadcasting as an example you would add the video as the source, but disable sound when playing back. You would then add in your audio or something to that effect.


You basically need video editing software, using your recorded video as the source.





thank you @HenryPhillipsNimbitech . I am using canvas - which has a basic video format in it. I will look at the video editing software, but I am unlikely to find a budget for it , if it has a cost! 

Appreciate you taking the time to answer 


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Hi @katekensington 


As per


It looks like you might be able to do this with VLC player.


However I would caution you in that I cannot advocate the above site as I have never tried it myself, so you will have to accept your own risk in pursuing any of the options outlined above.





@HenryPhillipsNimbitech  The VLC media worked! Many thanks for your help