Stopping the sharing of Teams meeting recordings from Meeting chat

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Hi all
Is there a way to stop the sharing of recorded meetings from the Meeting chat. 
This sharing function automatically shares the recording to everyone in the organization and this is causing a lot of concern for our company. It is unmanageable to go and clean this up for everyone that is not paying attention to the fact that it is sharing to everyone.
Would really appreciate some assistance with this.
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@BrendonB Hello, I am attaching a couple of links so you can see some available permissions options.


Permissions and privacy in Microsoft Stream


Teams cloud meeting recording


Play and share a meeting recording in Teams



@ChristianBergstrom Thanks very much for the reference.

Unfortunately I dont find anything in there that will help with the problem. We either need to turn off the share to everyone function from Teams or be able to make sure that share to everyone is not the default behaviour.

@BrendonB How about controlling who can record a meeting with a policy instead? And then decide the permissions on the recording in Stream. Would that be an alternative?

@ChristianBergstrom thanks for the suggestion. We really don't want to limit people from recording. We just want to stop them accidentally sharing to everyone. I have logged a call with MS and they have confirmed there is no control for this unfortunately. It seems crazy but that's where we are.

We have even looked at the auditing to see if there is a way to alert when this happens and the audit log information doesn't seem to show it.

Just to lend a +1 to this request. We had the same feature request generated by the same concerns ourselves. Because everyone is used to seeing a Share button now, thanks to social media, they click it and OK the pop-up without reading. This leads to meetings being shared across the organisation. So far no meeting has been shared with sensitive/problematic information but we now have a member of staff assigned to monitor for recordings which have been inadvertently shared and issue responses, tying up that team-member from other duties.

@BrendonB Well if there is any compliance requirement why not you create Teams/Channel and ask users to create meeting from there. In that case only members of that Teams/Channel can see the recordings, where as the other parties cant see the recordings be it be same tenant/Organization users or external users. Recordings will be saved into Teams OneDrive space only team members can see the recordings.

Yeah, with the new recording storage location (Stream -> OneDrive/SharePoint) this shouldn’t be an issue any more.


HI , is it possible to stop sharing by default . thank you  

Hello, access to channel meeting recordings will be based on the SharePoint permissions so if you set more restrictive SharePoint permissions than the default the answer is yes.