Stop prompt when opening with local office

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Is it possible to stop the prompt I get when opening files from Teams in locally installed version of Office (Word/Excel).

It seems to pop up a couple of times and ends up opening the document twice. Has anyone else noticed this issue?


Office prompt.PNG

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AFAIK, you cannot avoid this...and to my knowlege, it can depend on the Office version you have installed

OK thanks.

Any reason why it pops up twice causing 2 copies of the document to open?


Hi Wasim,

Are you using Desktop teams or Web App Teams ? I am sure it is web app Teams .. if its Web version ..just go ahead and add your site in IE trusted ..
Just copy the link teams where you are opening a office file, and paste it to IE settings / Security / Trusted Sites. make security level to Low

let me know



This behaviour happens in all versions. I am currently using Edge, IE11 and the Teams app.

This pop up appears regardless of where I choose to open it from.

I will try lowering the security in IE and see if that works.




Sure Wasim. Please let me know if that works.

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