Status (Presence) not reporting back from iPhone12 iOS14.3

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Yesterday, I had an iPhone12, iOS 14.3, where the Teams Status iPhone did not report back to the system.  Incoming calls (from a Call Queue) would ring at the PC, not on the iPhone.  The call is answered on the PC, parked, then picked up on the iPhone.  Then additional calls come from the Call Queue because the system did not recognize the person was already on the phone.  

We logged-off/logged-on, both the PC Teams and iPhone Teams.  Nothing seemed to help.  We finally gave in and just used Teams on the PC.  

Hmmm.  Still figuring this one out.  Thought perhaps someone else also encountered the same problem.

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best response confirmed by Paul Beiler (Frequent Contributor)

Resetting the iPhone resolved the issue.  Our automated iPhone setup did not finish successfully.


We manage our Apple devices, (push out apps to them, restricting logon if the device is not compliant, etc).  After some more digging, saw some apps did not installed successfully.  I reset the iPhone, redoing the setup and all is good. 

The Teams Status now reports back to the system so other users (and the Call Queue) see this user as busy.    

@Paul Beiler This ended up being a defective iPhone 12.  A iPhone reset would fix the issue, but the issue would come back after a day.  The person was swapped to an iPhone 10, and the problem did not come back.  We are on day 8 with the iPhone 10, so am confident this is a defective iPhone 12.


We purchased three iPhone 12's, same setup on all three.  The other two iPhone 12's did not have an issue.

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