Start Recording control does not consistently appear

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I use Teams every day and record every day.  In late June, 2020, the Record Meeting option would sometimes be missing.  Absolutely nothing would have changed on my side from when I recorded a dozen or two meetings in the week prior.  This has continued into July.  

I have to have a colleague start the recording.  Yesterday, I clicked on the ellipsis repeatedly and it eventually appeared.  Today, not so lucky.  

I expect this is a bug that Microsoft will address this week but putting out there for comment.

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@Dean2345 Hello, are you experiencing the same inconsistent issue online as well?


As nothing has changed and the recording option sometimes appear when constantly hitting the ellipsis we can rule out policies at least.


There's a standard routine for solving "mysterious" Teams issues.


1. Sign out / sign in manually from top right corner.


If on desktop app you can also clear the Teams cache.


2. Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams via Start button and press enter. Delete all content in the Teams folder.


If on a Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/

@ChristianBergstrom Good info.  Love the prompt reply.  Windows 10 Enterprise.   "are you experiencing the same inconsistent issue online as well?"  I'm not sure what you mean.  I launch the Teams client.  I do not use it from  But clearing the cache sounds promising.  I notice the issue immediately before needed to start a recording so I will need to experiment by launching the meeting earlier.  

@Dean2345 Hello! I was referring to Teams online It's always good to know if the behavior differs from online/desktop.


Anyway, let me know how it goes!



We have experienced this issue since september. Multiple people have reported not seeing the "start recording" option when in meetings. Some other colleague has been able to record in the same meeting. The people who are having the problem have been recording meetings successfully earlier. Microsoft should come clear if there is any problem at their end.


Also, the people who have reported the problem, have confirmed that if they uncheck the new meeting features, they can see the record button.

Our organisation is using the A1 license and the Global default policy. Some people are able to record but others not? We also tried custom policies that enable could recording but that is also not working. Our policy settings are exactly the same throughout. I think this might be a Microsoft/Stream problem, please advise ? 

Same thing here.  Its totally random, some meetings its there, other times it disappears.  Nothing to due with cache as I just had this experience this morning where I started the meeting, no record option, closed it out and restarted it (without touching cache) and it showed up again.


Its embarrassing telling my client to record the session that I started.  This needs to be addressed.

@SeanRahbari Hi, I have the same issue, but figured a work around. Each time I start a meeting, if the start recording option is not visible, I disconnect and connect back and then it is available. It seems to be related to the first connection to the meeting. I use the Teams Windows client and join from the Teams calendar.


Hope it helps !

@Dominiquebernier  thanks for the tip.  I actually have been doing that but I was hoping that this is a known issue and might be some configuration i missed.