StaffHub to Teams Migration

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Hi i'm trying to move a StaffHub Team to Teams using powershell Connect-StaffHub 


following the guidance shown on microsofts pages


when running cmdlet  Move-StaffHubTeam -TeamId 


i'm getting an error:


{"error":{"code":"PreconditionFailed","message":"The team can’t be moved. Office 365 Group creation is disabled for your tenant. Please enable Group Creation for your tenant before attempting to migrate your team to Shifts.","details":[],"innererror":{"code":"GroupCreationNotEnabled"}}}


i have used


get-OwaMailboxPolicy | select GroupCreationEnabled




Does anyone know what is going wrong?   is there another groupcreationenabled i should be looking for?



Has anyone successfullyerror.PNG moved a StaffHub Rota into Teams/Shifts?






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Yes, you should be looking at the AAD settings as detailed for example here:


The OWA settings are an older method, not really used anymore.