Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation Ask your admin to get you started with Teams,

I've tried logging on for the first time in to my MS Teams account and also via the Windows app and I keep on getting the message:

Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation Ask your admin to get you started with Teams, or set up another org in Teams using a different email address. Use a different email address.

This is through my own personal email address and I'm setting this up just for personal use. I haven't used this email address or shared this email address across any other work related or corporate devices. My corporate/work devices are totally separate. This email address is used purely for my home PC Windows and MS Office log in.

I'm on Windows Version 10 1909 18363.815 KB4550945 and Office 12624.20520.

I'd rather not set-up a totally new email account to solve this issue. Please could you give me some guidance/fault finding steps I could use to solve this Teams log in issue.


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Hi @DavidClemm

The solution here is to contact Microsoft Support

To check that your domain exists in an Office 365 account somewhere and if so, remove it. Somehow it’s ended up there - I’ve seen it happen on many occasions for customers who have never used Office 365 or signed up for any trial previously. As long as you can prove you own the domain they should remove it from whatever account it is in so you should be able to sign up

Should all fail or it get frustrating then it is best advised for a new account to get the free version of Teams

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

This seems to be a real bug. Because I kept getting this message with all my standard email addresses, I created a new one specially for a free Teams account. It has never been used for anything else anywhere. I still get that "please go away" message.

Nobody can possibly have "set up Teams for this organisation...". And I am the only person who could possibly be classed as the "admin" (2 iMacs).

So what does one do next?

@Christopher Hoard

I've just noticed you said "a new account". Is that compulsory? Can I not use some other account than

I have never used because as a mail client Outlook itself is so awful.


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Is you are signing up for a free teams account and you use a registered domain that is already somewhere within Microsofts ecosystem (I.e. Office 365, a trial account previously) then it will have the message above. The only resolution to that is to contact Microsoft and ask them a.) where it is and b.) to remove it. There are many reasons it could have ended up there including another organisation adding it to their account. We typically recommend outlook because you can use those email addresses to sign up to Free accounts. Gmail addresses work too. If you have your own on your own domain and you are getting that message you need to contact support

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Hey Chris, I can't believe how many posts I've seen about the issue "someone has already..". Microsoft really should create and/or update a support page for this particular message. You know someone to reach out to?

I don't personally. It should be a general support page shouldn't it liked off of the sign up process and go step by step in order to resolve. I have seen at least two dozen the last month or so

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I am trying with Laurie Pottmeyer as she just recently posted the below conversation about 'Teams support'. See this link and perhaps add a comment as well? Thanks!

How do I contact support? I'm going through the link but only finding self-help and AI, which is not getting me anywhere...

@LiaMcLoughlan Hi, are you using Teams free? If so there's no official support to contact I'm afraid. Would you mind describing your particular issue to see if I (we) can assist anyway? And also let us know what troubleshooting steps you have performed, thanks!

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you :)


I have a personal email account that I use for microsoft and have successfully login to Teams via the mobile app without issue. However, I get the error when attempting to login on my macbook - both online and with the application. 

I have attempted all the solutions in the self-help to no avail... I have Authenticator on my phone so have noticed that I have a Microsoft and Azure AD account under the same email that I am trying to login with... The Azure AD account may be due to adding the account to Outlook as the email is Yahoo based, so I don't know how to delete it. 

@LiaMcLoughlan Hi, sorry but that didn't make it more clear I'm afraid ;)


As it works using your phone you should be able to solve this. Are you using Teams free? You've tried "all the solutions", what does it mean? Incognito / InPrivate? Reset of Teams app? Removal of cache?


The linked accounts you mentioned needs to be unlinked as that's an issue. Try signing in at all available places, Yahoo, Microsoft personal account, Azure AD and look for any associations to remove.


If you just cannot get this to work even though you've tried all workarounds perhaps you need to create another Teams free account, if that's what you're using obviously.

I am constantly running into this issue. I have made a teams account to use when a vendor of mine wants to meet. They use teams for their meetings and send out invitations. When I try to join the meetings using the link provided, I either 1) am able to join with no issue or 2) repeatedly get the "someone else has already set up a teams for your organization page." When teams gets in this mode, it doesn't matter if I use the browser to join the meeting or the desktop application.

Hello All


I have this issue when I am trying to sign up my personal email to team.


Enter an email hasn't been added to your organisation's directory. Contact your admin or try a different email.


Is there a way around this scenario?

This problem is driving me crackers and I'm just going round & round in circles. The Microsoft automated help-bot is useless and everything I try just brings me back to ground zero.


aren't there actual human assistants that have access to the Microsoft account information and pinpoint why the error is occurring?


I, & my domain / email address definitely don't fall into any of the categories that don't qualify for a free Teams account so I can't understand where the problem lies. I can access & use Teams from another domain that I administer without problem.


Any help greatly received.


Alan J.

This is more typical, frustrating rubbish from a Microsoft product. I regret the day I decided to use this.
Microsoft Teams works on my iPad and I have a O365 subscription but trying to login to Microsoft Team on Windows 10 is just impossible.

If only I could hand all this back and get a refund from this small company.
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