Some Private channels created in a Team are not showing members

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I've created several Private Channels for my classes within a Team and some of them are showing up as deleted on the member side. Additionally, when I go in to check the members, there are 0 members added. When I attempt to add the members again, I get a message that this member already exists. Out of 6 new private channels per class, only 1 channel was successful at showing the members when I go to Manage Channel option.  


Additionally, I've noticed in the last 2 weeks that every time I want to add a couple new channels, I'm forced to completely leave the team and go back in to add another channel. This is with the latest version of Teams. Any suggestions?

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@TracySMU  I have the exact same issue just now!  I am sure private channels showing their team members worked a couple weeks ago.  Am replying because I don't know another way of 'voting up' your topic to get attention from Customer Support.  Tried to LIKE but that also doesn't seem to work as it took me to TracySMU's profile (huh?)  Or perhaps the LIKE button is for the poster and not the topic? Not very clear.

I did find another way to list the team members correctly.  Use the 'Info' button on the top right of the private channel window.  This is the circular solid blue icon with the capital letter 'I' in it.



My next question will then be how to promote a private channel member to being the owner/moderator.



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Hello, you should report this issue to the official Microsoft support by creating a service request from the admin portal. If you're not an admin reach out to that person (if you haven't already signed out from Teams try that first).

I am familiar with a workaround if you also cannot add members and that is using the mobile app.

When it comes to promote a user to owner the admin can use the Add-TeamChannelUser cmdlet

This is an article with some additional info, but the auto-promote has historically been a bit buggy.

Hi @ChristianJBergstrom, thanks for those tips.  After posting my original message, I retried viewing team members of a private channel and guess what?  It worked!  I did nothing but retry the same steps I did before and this time it worked.  I am sure this worked before so looks like whatever background change happened that broke it, was rolled back or fixed.  I was also able to promote a member in the private channel to being a co-owner so that also works.

@TracySMU please try accessing your private channel team list.  It may be working now.