Some of the private channel owners can't access files.

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Some of the owners of a private channel are not able to access files they get a message saying "You cant have access to these files", but when I change the owner to member and back to owner again they were able to view the files and this does not happen for every private channel. Can anyone tell why this is happening and how this can be solved ? Any help on this is appreciated. 

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This is a bug that's been reported. Hope it's fixed soon


/ Adam

@adam deltinger Thank you for replying, is there an ETA for the fix ?

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Hello @ChowdaryKaruturi   Here is the Uservoice item that pertains to this issue:


Please add your vote to this and you will be kept informed of any new development.  Thank you.

Not that I’m aware of unfortunately


@ThereseSolimenoThank you for sending me that link, I and my Teammate will vote for that. Wow that's been a problem since Nov 2019. I wonder why I see this problem on some private channels and not every. 

@ChowdaryKaruturi this is still an issue - any news on this?

@Pernille Bernth Yes, it is still an issue. We have to toggle the user from owner to member and back again to overcome the problem. Are you having this problem ?

@ChowdaryKaruturi yes just this friday - but not consistently.

@Pernille BernthI experience the same problem...

@ChowdaryKaruturi Are you also the SharePoint admin? This fix did not work for us. Did it take time to propagate? 

My issue is that members on my private channel cannot even see any files that I (owner) have uploaded.  I would expect that they could at least view/download the documents?

@Dominique0473 I am not an Sharepoint admin, the users are able to view the content right after we toggled their membership from owner to member and vice versa.  

I am facing same issue. One workaround I did just to allow user to continue with his work, was to go to the sharePoint site for the channel, and click the Synch, which made the files appear in the Sharepoint site. Of course user is not completely satisfied, but at least he got his files.