Small Teams Room Hardware Recommendations

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We are looking at setting up a small rooms with a simple teams setup. It for no more than 4 people so just looking for any hardware recommendations.



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I can recommend HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms. I just bought and installed 10 kits. I the smallest meeting rooms I connected a Huddly Pro camera, and 6 rooms with Logitech PTZ and in the last 3 rooms in connected a Logitech Rally, really nice webcam. The are all setup with an Office 365 E3 licens with a phone licens. Meaning when I book the meeting room, the Skype or Teams meeting are booked in the calendar. All the users has to do, is pres join and the online meeting is started with picture and sound, If I connect a PC using the connected HDMI cable, the desktop is presentet on the screen and automatically shared in the online meeting

@Pn1995 Lenovo Smarthub 500 or HP Slice G2 Meeting room with SRS and pair it with a Logitech c930 camera for about the cheapest room system possible. Both of the PCs have all the microphones and speakers you'll need in a 4 person room.