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Our organization using "Skype For Business 2015", and we only starting to thinking about to switch to "Microsoft Teams". First question that we come across with: can we send the messages from "Skype for Business" to "Microsoft Teams"? Can we use this two this programm parallel?


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Yes, they work together so you can use them parallel. I Teams there is different coexistence modes and if you use anything but "Island mode" it will work perfect for your users. In island mode Teams and Skype will be as two different islands without any coexistence. 


Read more about the different modes here:


So you could move some users to Teams and set them as "Teams Only" and they will be able to use all features in Teams as Chat, Collaboration, Meetings, etc. Other users that should use Skype as their Chat-application can start to use Teams but set them in coexistence mode "Skype for Business with Teams Collaboration" and they will use Skype for Meetings, Chat, Calling but they can use Teams for Collaboration.

Here is a great video series covering the topics. But yes, there is interop with a Hybrid setup between on-prem and Teams.