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We are preparing to roll out Microsoft Teams to all of our users.  Since there is no solution for non-persistent VDI, we will likely offer Teams to our VDI users through a web browser to  Unfortunately, the first thing they're met with here is a full-screen prompt to download the Teams app.  (Since the VDI pool is non-persistent, they'd be reinstalling the app every time they login.)




Is there a way to bypass this prompt with a URL parameter (something like or a Teams Upgrade Policy we could apply to specific users?  It's not a great experience to make them click the sad little "Use the web app instead" link.

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No there is no solution for that now but there is a Uservoice request to be able to remove it, this is under review so Microsoft is thinking of it. Go in and vote for this if you want it.
Thanks. I voted on the UserVoice item and added a comment.

Hey people,


we solved the problem with the teams-deep-link, which is used by the office-waffle. We recognized that the user is not getting the prompt to download the app from that starting point. 
So instead of using "" try out the following link:



This is incredibly helpful, thank you! Certainly beats waiting around for Microsoft to fix the issue

This only seems to be working when you are already logged on with your MS account.

If anyone is still interested. This works. Four attempts, three failures, fourth attempt worked>
Base of the URL in the SharePoint link is
Now go to the Team channel required, I used General and copy the URL to the above. It looks something like:!wjrniwqjrnqi?rugd09-qwirugb34...

If you want to enter Teams in a different channel then use that URL. No Launch panel appears and it takes you directly into the Teams cannel you want to connect with. I'm using this in a SharePoint Public Group page and it works for me; a non nerd, trial and error 75 year old  ;)