Shifts group schedule conflict


I have a list of groups and some members are in multiple groups , if i scheduled a member in one group they can also be scheduled at the same time in another group is their something im doing wrong or a way so a member can only be scheduled for one time slot per day?.

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Hi @michaelgordon,

there's now a visual indication on the top-left corner of the page indicating the number of conflicts in your current view. It appears as a red triangle danger sign.


The same icon appears on the top left corner of every conflicting shift.


The presence of 1 or more conflicts prevents you from sharing your schedule with your team.


Hope this helps


@dapanico We have 5 locations and therefore 5 groups for shifts. We also have the shift conflicts ticked. However when someone requests a shift or is assigned a shift, the other shift they requested does not show up as a conflict resulting in the same person with a shift on the same day in 2 locations. 

Why is this feature not working for us?