Sharing powerpoint without note view

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Hi all, 

I am a teacher and am teaching on a digital whiteboard. I am teaching children at home and in class at the same time. Recently there seems to have been a setting changed in teams that when I share my powerpoint it goes to note view which makes the actual size of the powerpoint really small.teams.jpgThe children at home can only see the main slide on the screen but the children in class can see the slides that are coming up next and it's also very small for them to see in class. 


It used to be just the full one screen would show when I shared it but this is the new change. How can I change it back please?? 

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Hi @psedg


this is a new feature. I dont think you can disable it, but as a quick workaround you can just share your whole screen or the PPT-Window and start the presentation directly on screen.

Hope this helps.



@Didi70  Oh well that is a little annoying, thank you for letting me know. I do know about sharing it that way but you can't see the children when you do that and wanted to keep my eye on them ideally! (I'm a primary teacher) 


Thank you!

@psedg maybe you can use a second device (smartphone or tablet) to connect to the meeting and see the kids there, just disable sound and microphone on it. Still not optimal but maybe better than not seeing the kids.