Setting an Expiration on teams and then viewing the upcoming dates?

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I'm testing out setting an expiration on Teams (Groups) based on information here:


What I'm trying to do is then figure out how I can view all my Teams/Groups and their corresponding expiration dates so I can spot check them and make sure everything is working properly.


The 2nd link above mentions the "Access Panel" which I'm told is this link:

This only shows me the groups that I own or am a member of.  If I click on one, I do see the expiration date, but I have to open each group individually and I want to see every group in our tenant and not just the ones I'm on.


It also mentions using Graph which I've tried but it doesn't seem to work.  I can view many of our Groups but none of the groups that were created via creating a Team show up at all.


So, my main question is, is there some way to view all my groups and their expiration date?  Powershell?  Admin console somewhere?  Anything?



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