Set CallAnsweringRules via powershell

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We'd like to have the same settings for call answering rules in teams for all our users in teams.

In the administration i did not find any option to fix this settings for all our users or am i missing something?

Another way would be to have run a powershell script on a nightly basis and set this setting for every user. but i can not find any powershell script where i can set this settings?

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@YooLaurin I've not seen anything about that, maybe with Graph. I've seen some stuff you can do with Graph for Cloud Voicemail.

@Linus Cansby Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately Graph API Documentation does not show something to set call answer rules.

I found it in the SAFEUtil there was even a powershell but unfortunately it does not seem to be available for teams online?


That is a real pitty. How do companies manage this to avoid that users set random settings there?

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@YooLaurin There is an uservoice to get a tool for this to Teams.


Other companies educate and instruct their users howto set this setting, it is in the users interest to have the right setting. And I would say it is good for users to be able to have different settings since everyone wants to work in a different ways.