Secondary Ringer Not Working with Surface Dock

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I am using Teams Desktop with My Surface Pro 7 and the first Surface Dock. We have the Business Voice Calling feature on our Tenant.  I am using a Bluetooth headset and I have the secondary ringer setup to use Speakers (Surface Dock).  Yes I have speakers connected to the audio out of the Dock. Everything works with teh exception I cannot hear incoming calls ring through the Dock.  If I change the setting to Realtek (Surface internal) the secondary ringer works through the SP7.   The problem with this is that I need to turn the vol way up on the SP7 just to hear it ringing. 


SP7 with Windows 2004 (All latest updates and firmware)

Surface Dock FW version 18.2830.368.0 DP 18.2165.368.0


I have uninstalled Teams and reinstalled. Issue persists.

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