Scrolling on Forms in Teams Mobile

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I am using Forms as a website tab on my Team (issue with not opening on Mobile when entering as a Form still not fixed). These forms really need to be accessed through Mobile. The problem we are having with them now is that when you open it, you can scroll down but not back up. Scrolling up causes the page to reload. The only way I can review what is above is to exit the page and re-enter it. 

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Hi @Spencer_Segula

What are you using for mobile and browser? I am trying to replicate this on an IPhone 7 and an IPhone 8 with Safari and am seeing no issues with the scrolling.

Maybe one to raise a ticket to Support?

I agree that Forms needs to be better integrated with Teams. The workaround by using a website tab isn't really a solution.

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,


This isn't using a browser but accessing right through the Teams app. We have a group that isn't tech savvy and is on the road a lot, we wanted them to go to Teams to communicate and to access these forms from their phones which they are familiar using. If there is a better way to get this done, I'm all ears.


I am using a Google Pixel 2 with the Mobile Teams app. Accessing through Chrome had no issues.


Thanks, Spence

@Spencer_Segula Did you create a ticket or find a way to resolve this?


I just ran into this issue in version 1416/ of the Teams app on Android 10.