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Hi all,


I have a problem with screen sharing during Video meetings

When I want to share my screen, only windows openned BEFORE I started the conversation are available. If I close or open a new one, the list is not refreshed. If I quit the conversation and go back, the list is correct.


Is there a way to refresh this list ?


Thanks for your help

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Hello @FrancoisGregoire     Does this happen when you use the web browser version?  What operating system are you using?

@FrancoisGregoire this happened for me today. I need to leave a meeting and re-join to pick up newly opened apps. I am running this via the Teams app Version (64 bit) and using Windows 10.

hHi @ThereseSolimeno ,


No, I'me using the application version (64 bits)  on Windows 7

Hi Francois. Have you tried the suggestion offered by Neil above please? I would be interested to see if this also works for you? Also, please try the same from the browser version of Teams as Therese suggests and see if it works this way.

Was about to suggest checking for Windows updates too, but see you are using Windows 7 which is end of life.



Yes, when I leave the meeting and re-join, I can see the new Windows.

But it's only a workaround :sad:


It works correctly in the browser version. Do you personally use the app or the browser version ?


I have the same problem on W10.



I favour the app where possible.  I was just curious to know whether the browser worked OK.


Do you have any Windows updates available for your Windows 10 device please?  And can you also check for an update for the Teams app?


If this does not change anything for you, I would suggest opening a ticket with Microsoft support to see if they can advise you further on this.

I have just logged a service request with MS for this. I will keep you updated.

@PeterRising No updates available.


I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app this morning, but I still have the same issue.



Thanks a lot Neil

@FrancoisGregoire  well that's an hour and 35 minutes I'm never getting back! :facepalm:


Apparently this is not a known bug, but we'll see after he reports back after speaking to the Teams Team. Alvin will either email me back this afternoon or call me on Saturday. Went through quite a lot to try and resolve wasn't happy to accept it was a bug in Teams. He got me to uninstall and re-installed and luckily the one available on the Teams site is an older one that works. He was about to hang the call up and wish me a good day till I pointed out it was older version and we needed to do an update. This then installed the bug again and the previous issues were on display again.

@FrancoisGregoireThis could be by design, Skype for Business works the same way. You need to open the application before you start the meeting to be able to share it. Alternatively you can choose to share your desktop and then you can share any applications. I



Hi Neil, that is interesting indeed.  What is the version of Teams that you have running now that has the issue?

@PeterRising (64 bit)



Thanks Neil for the time you spend on my issue.  :stareyes:

I'm lucky you've been able to get the bug again ! 



Hi Neil, any more word from Microsoft on this?

@PeterRising No not yet, they said they would be back to me tomorrow afternoon.

So they got back to me yesterday afternoon and said the following:

"We have run a diagnostic test on you tenant and it was healthy. Would like to ask if you were able to disconnect all the account to get the Teams working."

I'm not too sure what the above meant, so went back yesterday seeking clarification. I did try signing out and back in again in case they meant that.

Any ideas???
We are having exactly the same problems in Teams.
Running Microsoft Teams-version (64-bits). Last Updated on 20-11-20.