Scheduled Meeting Attendance Reports have stopped working!

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Our teaching staff have reported this week they are no longer get teams attendance reports on the conclusion of scheduled meetings.


I have contacted MS Support and they have reported it is a known issue and the ETA for resolution is 3-4 weeks? Just checking if other organizations have been affected?


We are in the middle of remote learning and the missing attendance report has caused our college some grief with attendance marking.



Yasmin Tekesic

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Our school has the same problem, attendees report (any meeting types) don't show anymore starting from about October 6th. Our school is using Microsoft 365 for Education A1 plan.


Haven't faced this issue in commercial tenants, perhaps an issue with academic tenants. You can use "Download Attendance List" during the meeting until this is resolved.


Adil Yoosuf

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Best here is to open a support ticket son Microsoft can take a look. I can confirm that in my recurrence Teams meetings I can see the attendance reports (My tenant is a commercial tenant)