Rolling out Reactions in Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Microsoft is currently rolling out the Live Reactions feature in Microsoft Teams Meetings. This feature allows users to react to participants during a meeting.


Currently Reactions are available only on Teams Desktop and Teams Mobile apps. Support for meetings on web, breakout room systems, or surface hub will be available later in the year.


Read more about:

  • Which reactions you can use?
  • How to enable/disable reactions in meetings?
  • Additional Tip/Shortcut to use (I <3 shortcuts)

Link to article: Reactions in Microsoft Teams Meetings 

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@ganeshsanapThanks for sharing this is great...

@PDostiyar You're welcome! Glad to know you found it helpful.

@ganeshsanap  yes, i did and thanks for putting them together, i did saw your blog some nice work out there... keep it up...

Any plans to add keyboard shortcuts for live reactions? Also to add thumbs down?

@ganeshsanap is there any way we can customise the reactions - meaning, can we add our own reaction icons?

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@sandaleen No news on adding shortcuts to individual reactions.


@Kethari Currently there is no way to customize the reactions so you cannot add your own reactions.


Also, there are few related ideas on Microsoft Teams UserVoice site. Consider voting on these ideas so that Microsoft will notice & implement these as early as possible:

  1. Add Live Reaction Option in meetings 
  2. Add more/custom emoji/memes/gifs/reactions 
  3. allow any emoji as a reaction, not just thumbs up 

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